Information for Vendors


You will be quizzed about the information on this page in order to access the application. You’re able to refer back to this page while taking the quiz since we want you to pass. Our intention is to help you learn about our community and all the opportunities available to you!

If we all work together, everyone will benefit! From attendees and vendors to sponsors and co-authors. 

Welcome to our Win-Win-Win community of health & wellness!

We Reward Action Takers & Decision Makers

  • We do not publicize our pricing except for in the application
  • We have incremental pricing to REWARD decision makers and action takers!
  • Once we reach certain thresholds of Registered and committed vendors, our pricing increases.
  • “Register” means finalizing payment during the interview
  • We have multiple threshold levels and will increase numerous times throughout the year
  • The price could increase from the time you apply to the time you Register
  • Investment price could increase 3-5x of what it started as
  • Best rates are always in February (Registration opens February 15th)
  • When registration opens to the public the sooner you apply, be interviewed, and register, the more money you’ll save and the more visibility you’ll receive.
  • NOTE: An application or quiz doesn’t equal registration. If you’re slow at scheduling your interview, the investment price could increase 3-5x the amount by then.

Message to Prior Vendors

  • If you were a vendor in our last event and it’s before February 15th, you don’t need to complete the quiz, application, or interview again.
  • Please contact us to re-register without investing a couple hours to be in The Wellness Fair again.
  • If it’s after February 15th, or if you were not in our last event, you must complete the quiz, application, and interview again.

Vendor Requirements

  • Accredited/Certified Wellness Professionals Only
  • One Business Website
  • Completed LinkedIn Profile to verify your credentials and use your Professional Headshot in our marketing
  • Business Facebook Page with your profile picture as your business logo to us in our marketing
  • Complete Vendor Interview
  • Capable of being able to read the emails we send

The process to Become a Vendor

  1. Pass a quiz to verify knowledge about the community
  2. Complete the vendor application
  3. Be interviewed over the phone
  4. Register directly during the interview (have a credit card ready)
  5. Receive Vendor Packet in the acceptance email
  6. Promote your involvement

The Interview

  • It will be one hour over the phone
  • You’ll be provided a link to schedule your interview immediately after submitting the application.
  • If you don’t schedule your interview, your application will be deleted and you’ll have to complete this quiz and the application again.
  • Rise up to our standards or don’t continue

Sharing a Booth

  • Sharing a booth is NOT allowed
  • If our secret shoppers find that you’re sharing a booth, you both will be asked to leave and you’ll never be allowed back at our events as a vendor, speaker, co-author, or sponsor.

We’re Currently NOT Accepting

  • Uneducated hobbyists
  • Anyone with money
  • MLM’s, Independent Distributors, Network Marketers, etc.
  • Mediums
  • Psychics
  • Clairvoyants
  • Tarot Card Readers
  • Angel Card Readers
  • Other types of Shamanism
  • People who choose not to read
  • Entitled, whiners, blamers, excuse makers, etc.

Make Special Note

  • We research and interview every business owner before accepting them into our community to maintain our extremely high level of quality.
  • By people coming to our events and website, that is like us referring each person and business.
  • Upon approval, you’ll maintain a high level of professionalism, integrity, and will wisdom share to positively affect the lives of as many people as possible.

Keep In Mind

  • You still need to conduct an interview upon acceptance of this application
  • Communications are done strictly via email
  • All our opportunities are time sensitive and limited.
  • There are no exceptions to deadlines.
  • Have educational brochures/pamphlets to give away
  • Intimate knowledge of offered products, services, and prices
  • Agree that your participation is about educating our attendees
  • It’s NOT about making your money back that day, but to develop relationships and educate!
  • Vendors are expected to promote their involvement through newsletters, social media, web links, etc.

Human 2 Human

  • We connect humans to other humans – not to companies.
  • If you’re a larger organization and don’t want us to promote a single person, still complete the quiz and application, then let us know during your interview that you want to become a major sponsor so that we only promote the company, not the individual. (Must know your budget before the interview)

Educational Wisdom-Sharing

  • If you’re looking to make your vendor investment back immediately during the fair, close this window now.
  • We’re a wisdom-sharing community first and foremost.
  • You’re there to educate the community, not to sell (even though you can sell products)

Signing Up

  • After completing this application, we will contact you for an interview
  • During the interview, have your credit card ready to register at the end of that call
  • If you don’t register during your interview, there will be a $50 fine to hold your application for one more week before it’s deleted

About the Application

  • The information you provide in the application will be used to promote you and your business.
  • Be conscientious about your spelling, grammar, and punctuation because we will copy/paste everything and will not do any editing for you.
  • Upon review of your application, to finalize your acceptance as a vendor, you will need to schedule an interview with us.
  • If you’re accepted on this call, have your credit card ready and any other decision makers with you because that’s the only way to register as a vendor.
  • If you don’t register on the call, you’ll lose your place in line if you don’t pay the $50 find, then you will have to re-apply again. 

Make Special Note

  • We do NOT accept special requests of any kind
  • We only reward action takers and result producers
  • Chairs, Tables, and Electricity are NOT included with the booth (it’s an additional investment)
  • We only accept credit/debit cards as payment – NO CHECKS

Annual Events

  • The Wellness Fair: Last Saturday Every October
  • The Speakers Jam: 2nd Thursday Every September
  • The Success Party: 3rd Friday Every January
  • The 4 Wellness Dinners: Various time from late Summer through Fall

Becoming a vendor for The Wellness Fair in October doesn’t mean you can attend the other events for free or will receive a discount. It’s a completely separate event you can be a part of if you choose too.

Monthly Events

  • The MINI Wellness Fairs: 1st Sunday Every Month (except for National & Christian holidays, it’s then the 2nd Sunday of the month)
  • The Wellness Mixers: 3rd Thursday Every Month
  • The Health & Wellness Network of Commerce (HWNCC): 2nd & 4th Tuesday Every Month
  • The Author Workshop Series: 1st Saturday Every Month

Becoming a vendor for The Wellness Fair in October doesn’t mean you can attend these events for free or will receive a discount. It’s a completely separate event you can be a part of if you choose too.

Becoming a vendor doesn’t mean…

  • Just because you’re active in one event, that does not mean you’re able to be in the other events for free.
  • You’re more than welcome to be a part of everything, but remember, being a vendor doesn’t grant you the right to attend everything for free.
  • Your investment stands alone for whatever you invest to be a part of – nothing more, nothing less. 

Wisdom Sharing Materials

  • The Book: Natural & Organic Healing
    (Extra Cost) You can become a co-author in our annual publication which releases every November 1st on Amazon
  • The PodcastHealthy Conversations
    (Free) You can be interviewed on our podcast
  • The Magazine: Pathways 2 Wellness
    (Free) You can submit articles to our quarterly online magazine
  • The Blog: Thriving Naturally
    (Free) You can submit articles to our guest blogging platform
  • Facebook Live: Interviewing Vendors Only
    (Free to Vendors) You can be interviewed in your office and streamed Live to our Facebook community

Pick & Choose

  • You don’t need to be active in everything, just what you want to be a part of.
  • Some opportunities and activities come at an additional cost while some are free.

Your Personal Information

  • All the information below, and in the rest of this application, will be used for marketing! (will be made public)
  • We will be making images and promoting the PERSON along with the BUSINESS.
  • We are a human-to-human community — Whatever name you use is the one we will be promoting AND interviewing.

Business Information

  • Have your own professional website – Facebook pages or other member profiles will not suffice
  • Have a business logo – banners will not be accepted
  • Your business Facebook page is where we’ll get your logo (make profile picture)

Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

  • We’re a professional community and LinkedIn is the professionals’ social media platform.
  • Your LinkedIn profile is a major part of your application.
  • We will be using your headshot from this platform to promote you. If you don’t have a professional headshot, don’t apply until you get one.
  • Make sure your profile is 100% up-to-date.
  • We will be checking for your credentials, certifications, and accreditations in the niche you’re applying for.
  • We understand that some businesses don’t need to have any of these to ethically conduct business.
  • If this is the case, or if you’re extremely confident that we’re not seeking out credentials for your area of focus, please add N/A in each of these fields.
    • Degrees/Credentials/Accreditations
    • Certifying Institution
    • Certifying Institution Website
    • Year of Graduation/Certification 

The Wellness Universe Profile

  • This profile will be REQUIRED by 2020 for every business in the community, might as well create one for FREE now.
  • Create your profile now (link opens in new window)
  • INVITE CODE: Lucas Robak with The Wellness Fair

The HWNCC Member Profile

  • This profile will be REQUIRED by 2020 for every business in the community, might as well become a member now.
  • Membership is $100 annually to the first 100 members, then the price doubles.
  • Become a Member Now

Owners Information

  • We ask for this because employees quit, get fired, and disappear.

One Main Wellness Industry 

  • You’re only allowed to apply for just one industry
  • When you show up at the fair, you’re only promoting that one industry

Marketing Information

  • Even though this is extremely important for the application for us to know if you’re the right fit for our community, this is also important because we’ll be copy/pasting your answers to promote you. 

Promoting Your Involvement

  • We fully expect every vendor to promote their involvement
  • If every vendor were to bring in 10 people, that alone will make an extremely successful event
  • This is a collaborative effort to create a win-win environment


  • This is a way to get attendees to seek you out and come to your booth to have you make your mark on it so they can win a prize!
  • It’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business! 

Vendor Booth Information

  • You do not need to pay now. Upon review of this application, we’ll schedule an interview.
  • During your interview, if accepted, have your credit card ready to register immediately.
  • If you don’t, then you’ll lose your placement and may not be able to attend this year and will have to re-apply.

Vendor Bonuses

  1. 10′ x 10′ booth
  2. Set up begins 24-hours before
  3. Volunteers to help you carry supplies to and from your car
  4. Lifetime visibility on our event page
  5. Two (2) FREE speaking opportunities
  6. Ability to guest post on our blog
  7. Ability to contribute to our quarterly digital magazine
  8. Ability to become a co-author in our annual published book
  9. Be interviewed on our podcast
  10. Be interviewed on our Facebook Page 
  11. Invited to our exclusive vendor kickoff dinner
  12. Media Kits to promote your involvement
  13. Receive a complete guide on all your free opportunities
  14. 100% rights to all pictures and videos taken of you at all events
  15. FREE access to our training database 
  16. Able to put coupons in the door bag for FREE
  17. Opportunity to be in our annual freemium for year-long visibility
  18. 97-day “Right of First Refusal”
  19. 97-day “Loyalty Discount” to use for next year
  20. 97-day rights to NOT apply or interview again for next year
  21. Ability to win a FREE booth & Chapter in the book ($1,500+ value)

How We’re Different

  • Qualified professionals as vendors only
  • NOT a vanity fair where we accept anyone with a credit card
  • Community focused by educating – NOT SELLING!
  • MUST pass a quiz to have a valid application
  • MUST complete application in full
  • MUST be interviewed to be accepted
  • FREE speaking opportunities
  • FREE digital marketing opportunities
  • FREE training on digital marketing, business, trade fairs, and more
  • FREE audio/image/files with 100% rights to use
  • Be a part of our event once, leverage us for a lifetime!!

Being a Vendor

  • Communications are done via email
  • Opportunities are time sensitive and limited
  • Have educational brochures/pamphlets to give
  • Intimate knowledge of offered products, services, and prices
  • Agree that your participation is about educating our attendees
  • Only able to promote ONE service or industry
  • We have a 1:20 business ratio (there may be up to 5 similar businesses)

It’s not about making your money back that day, but to develop relationships and educate! If you don’t agree with this, we may not be the best fit for you!

Win a FREE Booth + Chapter in Next Book ($1,500+ value)

  • Only this years vendors are able to participate.
  • Submit five (5+) blog posts which are accepted to post before October 15th
  • Submit a magazine article for BOTH the August & the November Issues
  • Attend the Vendor Kickoff Dinner
  • Be interviewed on BOTH the Podcast & on Facebook Live before October 15th
  • Setup your booth the Friday before the event between 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Name will be drawn and announced day of The Wellness Fair at 10:30 AM (must be present to win)

Advertising Opportunities

  • Place ads in our various program booklets which is available only to vendors at that particular event.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Only if you’re serious, know your budget, and are willing to invest, please contact us for more information.

Upon Review of Your Application

  • After you submit your application, please check your email for confirmation of submission from Google and save for your records.
  • Within two weeks, our team will review your submission and you’ll receive an email approving or denying your application at that time.
  • >>> If accepted, please schedule your interview right away or your application will be deleted. <<<

Your Interview

  • In your acceptance email you’ll receive a link to schedule an interview so we can make sure we’re both in alignment with each other.
  • You’ll have two weeks upon receipt of that email to have completed your interview. If you don’t complete your interview on time, you’ll have to re-apply and you’ll lose your position in line.
  • Block out 45-60 minutes to have this conversation
  • Please have your credit card ready to register during this call if accepted.
  • If there’s anyone else that you need to make this decision with you, have them on the call too!
  • At this time we’ll answer any questions you may have about our community and the events.
  • If you do not register during the time of your interview, we ask that you pay $50 as a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to hold your place in line for only one week.
  • We don’t want this to happen to you but we do this solely to reward action takers and decision makers. 

Wellpreneur Packet

  • Everyone who receives the acceptance email to schedule an interview will receive this pdf.
  • This 27-page document is easy to read and easy to find the information you’re looking for. It contains everything you need to know to maximize our community and how to take action.
    • Submit blog posts
    • Submit magazine articles
    • Schedule podcast interview
    • Apply to be a vendor
    • Apply to be a co-author
    • Apply to be a sponsor
    • Information about everything!!!
  • Save this document and use it as your reference guide. We will rarely up this, if ever. Use this as your Go-To in order to answer all of your questions.

Vendor Packet

  • This one-page document is exclusively for registered vendors only. It provides the missing links from the Wellpreneur Packet for you to:
    • apply to speak
    • schedule your Facebook Live Interview
    • RSVP to the Vendor Kickoff Dinner
    • Win our $1,500 bonus prize

Refund Policy

  • Full refunds provided without question after 3 business days from payment.
  • Until 30 days after payment, it’s a 50% refund

Transfer Policy

  • If you find out you can’t make the event, let us know so we can fill the spot. You cannot give your booth to someone else.
  • You will not receive a refund and your investment will not be transferred to another event.
  • Any violation of these rules, you’ll never be allowed back at our events – same goes for the person you gave your booth too.
  • If you don’t show up at the event, you won’t be allowed back because we focus on building a community of people who can follow through on commitments without excuses.

Upon review of your quiz and application, we’ll schedule an interview to make sure we’re both in alignment with each other. During this call is when we’ll answer any questions you may have about our community and the events. Please have your credit card ready to register during this call if accepted. If you don’t register on the phone, there will be a $50 fine for not being prepared to keep your quiz and application on file for one more week.

To apply, first complete our quiz!