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We welcome your educational contributions!

Share your wisdom with the world by helping us in our mission to spread health & wellness while improving lives. Our editorial team will polish your writing and sharpen your message upon submission.

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When you’re published on various websites, you reach a whole new market you would never have been able to reach before. You increase your credibility when aligning with any guest blogging platform because a community is referring you and allowing you to wisdom share. 

Why Contribute?

  • Lifetime ability to blog
  • Leverage to get on bigger online publications
  • Additional exposure to our online community
  • Boosts your website’s SEO
  • Opportunity to teach people
  • Credibility-building to share with your following
  • Social media growth
  • Quality website traffic
  • Build overall online influence
  • Builds your email list and social media following

Topics to Write About

  • NEVER promote, market, pitch, or sell anything in your article. This is educational only.
  • Actionable Tips
  • Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • Food/Recipes 
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Fitness
  • etc.


Health & Wellness is our focus. Familiarize yourself with our guest posts and if you feel like you have the knowledge or a story our readers would love to read, please submit your transformational content!

Feel free to include links to any of our pages or past articles. Outbound links can be to a relatable blog post on your personal business website, Wikipedia, or an article from another guest blogging publication website; their Alexa Website Ranking must be within the top 70,000 websites in the world (Global Ranking = Less Thank 70k). No articles on or are permitted at this time.

Keep in mind:

  • Write what you know about your area of expertise!
  • Be original: Posts must be unique to The Wellness Fair. Posts must not have been published anywhere else online (including your personal website) or slated for distribution on other sites.
  • Source all health claims and research: If you mention a statistic or a study, link that source. If you claim something is healthy, tell us how you know. Use links to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. Put links in brackets: []
  • Write a hook in the opening: The first sentence must make the reader want to continue and your first paragraph must tell the reader clearly and succinctly what the article will be about.

What to Expect:

  • We read every submission but we’re a small staff and can’t respond to everyone. Please do not contact us asking if or when it’ll be posted.
  • If your post has been accepted, we will email you within 14 days to notify you.
  • Your article will be posted within 30 days and you will not be notified when it goes live.
  • If you do not hear from us within 30 days, your article was not accepted. Please do not submit another article until after this 30 day period.
  • After your article is accepted, we’ll make you a contributor to our Wordpress blog to streamline your postings.
  • By submitting you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing The Wellness Fair editorial team deems necessary.