Details for Vendors

Wellness Fair Vendors

We Have the Highest Quality People as Vendors

Wellness Fair VendorsWe research and interview every business owner before accepting them into our community to maintain our extremely high level of quality.

By people coming to our events and website, that is us referring each person – not everyone is qualified for us to refer to others.

We do NOT accept mediums, psychics, tarot card readers, angel card readers, clairvoyants, or any other type of shamanism.

To start doing anything in our community as a business, you must first have an approved Wellness Business Account. Once you’re signed in, you’ll have access to the registration forms.

Log in to your Business Account to read the reviews from previous vendors.

“The Basics” of a Professional Business Owner:

  • Certifying Credentials (Some industries don’t apply but majority need one)
  • Business Website (Not MLM site or Facebook unless using the “Store” feature)
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile (Fully complete)
  • Hi-Resolution Professional Headshot (Emphasis on “professional”)
  • Mailing Address (Doesn’t need to be office but must provide a real address)
  • Business Logo (Not a website banner, header, marketing image, etc.)

Wellness Fair Vendors

Items to Keep in Mind When Participating

  • All our communications are done via email (some personalized, most mass)
  • Opportunities are time sensitive and limited to first-come-first-serve
  • Have educational brochures/pamphlets to give to attendees during fair
  • Intimate knowledge of offered products, services, and prices
  • Prove to us that you went through our trainings with your results
  • We work with individuals, not businesses (We connect people together)
  • Agree that your participation is about educating our attendees
  • Understand that it’s not about making your money back that day, but to develop relationships and educate! If you don’t agree with this, please never be a part of anything we do!

Wellness Fair Vendors

Bonuses to our Vendors

  • FREE speaking opportunities
  • Receive lifetime access to guest blog and submit magazine articles
  • Be interviewed on our podcast and have a Facebook Live interview
  • Receive free trainings on how to dominate any trade fair and much more
  • Have “Right of First Refusal” with a 35% off discount to next event until February 15th the following year!

Wellness Fair Vendors

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Wellness Fair Waukesha Expo Center Layout

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