Resource Page for Wellness Co-Authors

Becoming a Co-Author:

  • Why become an author?
  • Why become an Authorpreneur?

About The Book:

  • About the Book
  • Paperback Details & Specifications
  • The overlying theme to write about

What to Expect:

  • Two Interviews
  • Chapter Guidelines
  • Our Systematical Process to Author Status
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Submitting Your Chapter – Done via the required Authorpreneur Academy Online Course

Dinners to Attend:

Blogging as a Co-Author:

Purchasing in Bulk:

  • Accounts to Create
  • Access Your Book Files & Media Kits
  • How to Purchase Books Online
  • How to Print Books Locally

Access to Your Images & Videos:

  • Google Drive Folder (coming soon)

Leveraging Your Author Status:

  • Access to Books Media Kit
  • Ideas for Using the Book

Authorpreneur Academy:

  • About Authorpreneur Academy
  • About Your REQUIRED Authorpreneur Academy Online Course

Authorpreneur Trainings:

  • Authorpreneur REQUIRED DISCOUNTED Online Course
  • Authorpreneur LIVE! Fall Launch Weekend Training
  • Authorpreneur LIVE! Spring Leverage Weekend Training

Make Money Referring People:

Engage on Social Media:

Engage in Local Events:

FAQ’s & Legal Stuff: