Why Create a Business Partner Profile?

  1. Online business exposure to community of wellness enthusiasts
  2. Online business membership profile
  3. Wisdom-Sharing forums
  4. Online wellness business directory with a map to providers and practitioners
  5. Only need to be accepted once and never apply again
  6. One click sign ups
  7. Documented communication
  8. Access to apply to be an author
  9. Access to all of The Wellness Fair services and advertising options
  10. NEVER fill out an application again

Meet our minimum requirements (PDF Doc ~ Word Doc

  • NOTE: We do NOT accept mediums, psychics, tarot card readers, angel card readers, clairvoyants, or any other type of shamanism!

Why Create a Wellness Enthusiast Profile?

  1. Connect and learn with practitioners year round
  2. Get updates specific for attendees
  3. Wisdom-Sharing forums
  4. Access to business directory of providers and practitioners in the area
  5. Exclusive access to win prizes from our business partners and TWF
  6. RSVP to events