Hosting a Mixer

Become a Wellness Mixer Host

To host a Wellness Mixer, please review this page and complete the form to make your payment by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

With promotions from you, your guest speaker, and The Wellness Fair, we should easily fill the room.


Day: 3rd Saturday of the Month
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Schedule: Upcoming Events

Speakers: Two wellness professionals
Raffles: One from each speaker

Online Admission Cost: $10/person
Door Admission Cost: $15 cash only

Commission: 50% gross
Hosting Fee: $50
Commissions Paid: Cash After Event

Event Page: We’ll create upon receiving event info
Facebook Event: We’ll create upon receiving event info

Mixer Agenda

10:00am – 10:30am:     Socialize
10:30am – 11:00am:      Speaker One
11:00am – 11:30am:       Speaker Two
11:30am – 11:35am:        Raffles
11:35am – 12:00pm:       Socialize

Benefits of Hosting

• Educating community
• Doing what you love
• Added exposure
• Foot traffic in establishment
• New clients and referrals

• Additional revenue
• Grow your network
• Recognized as an expert
• Lifetime profile badge

Venue Guidelines

• Not at your house
• Searchable on google maps

• Within 35 miles of 53188 zip code
• Easily accessible free off-street parking
• Seats at least 20 people (can rent room at another venue)
• 100% responsible for venue cost, setup, and cleanup
• Clean, professional, and welcoming
• Wifi to live stream the event

Event Guidelines

• You and a guest speaker
• RSVP’s through Wellness Fair only

• Stay on time and with agenda
• No selling from any attendees or speakers
• Host is the 1st speaker and emcee
• Have a way to collect names for raffles
• Supply water, chairs, snacks, and coffee
• Registration table with ability to give change

Speaker Guidelines

• Both speakers donate raffle prize
• Deliver educational & actionable content
• 20 minutes of presenting
• 10 minutes of Q&A
• Both promote to network as Wellness Fair event
• Wellness professionals only
• No selling or promoting by any means
• Guest speaker from outside your business and industry

Host Requirements

• Approved business profile which you have
Submit event details 60 days prior
• Promote as a Wellness Fair event
• Find one guest speaker outside your business
• Responsible for the operations of the event
• Contact Lucas anytime you have a question

Raffle Guidelines

• Related to Health & Wellness
• Two raffle baskets minimum
• Each raffle basket encouraged to be valued over $100
• Able to give a business card

Attendee Contact Information

• Collect names and contact info
• Add them to your email list

Supplies Recommended

• Registration Check-In Table
• Way to collect info for raffles

• Chairs for 20
• Paper, pens, and clipboard

• Healthy beverages and snacks

Become a Wellness Mixer Host

Note: Signing up to host a Wellness Mixer does not guarantee approval. Your credit card will only be charged upon acceptance – within 14 days of submission.

Once your event date is approved, submit your event details as soon as you can.

If your information is not submitted 60 days prior to your event date, you’re Wellness Mixer may be canceled and given to someone else without a refund. There will be no reminder emails for this!

Thank you for your interest in creating a community of loving wellness enthusiasts! We look forward to bringing as much exposure to your business as possible!

Submit Your Event Information Only After You Have Been Approved