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June 2019 Wellness Tip of the Month | Dr. Anna Koeck

Wellness Tip of the Month | The Wellness Fair

May 2019 Wellness Tip of the Month

20/20/20! Every 20 minutes look away from your electronic device such as iPad, computer or smart phone, for 20 seconds and look 20 feet away.

Your eyes are not able to correctly focus on a pixelated screen and continue to strain while your natural blink rate is reduced to one third of normal. If you wear contact lenses the ocular dryness and fatigue continues to compound as the day goes on.

It is no wonder your eyes feel dry and strained and your entire body is exhausted after a day at the office. When you look far away, rather than close, the focusing system naturally relaxes and you blink more. This costs nothing and is simple to do.

Set a timer on that smart phone for every 20 minutes and see how you feel after one day or a week of doing this. Your eyes are thanking you right now!

Wellness Tip Provided by:
Dr. Anna Koeck
Doctor and CEO
Theia Vision Care


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“Wellness Tip of the Month”

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