June 2019 TED Video of the Month | Stephen Simpson

June 2019 TED Video of the Month

Stephen Simpson | TEDxNorwichED
How you can get lucky NOW!- Ignite your psychic powers.

Until very recently all humans possessed psychic powers. Then we learned how to talk, and almost overnight these powers disappeared, although they are only hiding. Instead of being psychic we became mildly psychotic, struggling to separate fact from fiction. In this talk inspirational speaker, Dr. Stephen Simpson shares his views about how we can regain our lost psychic powers, magnify our intuition and attract more luck.

This talk is an epic journey traveling through the mists of time to explore many diverse subjects including human evolution and our innate psychic communication skills. It continues with the later development of our toxic psychological states of mind, in particular, our psychotic tendencies. Dr. Stephen Simpson brings out luck in people. As a mind coach, he counts luminaries from sporting, gaming, entertainment and business worlds among his clients, including world number one poker legend Chris Moorman. All come to Stephen for help and support in keeping the luck going and helping them to achieve their dreams.

Much of Stephen’s work centers on the principles of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), meditation, leaning heavily on the application in real life of the transformational Jungian concepts of synchronicity and the collective unconscious.

Paul McKenna was recently said about Stephen’s work ” One of the fastest rising stars in international personal development”.

Stephen is passionate about what he does having written many books enabling people to help themselves. As an inspirational speaker, Dr. Simpson has delighted audiences of many thousands in Europe, The Americas, Africa, and Asia.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


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“TED Video of the Month”

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