7 Ways to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

7 Ways to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

Seniors should never feel dependent and useless in old age, but unfortunately, many elderly often feel low and depressed. Only a few people happily anticipate the role of caring for an elderly adult or even their parents. If you want to improve the quality of life for seniors, you may want to consider these helpful 7 ways that will make it an amazing and enriching experience.

1. Spend some time with the seniors

Elderly parents love to be showered with attention. They need it because frequently they get ignored because of their old age. Engage in conversation with them, ask them about their experiences. You’d be surprised at how chatty they can get when given a chance. Always ask them how they feel. Try listening to them whenever they complain of any pains or aches. Always take their physical concerns seriously and provide comfort when possible.

2. Have exercise schedules for the seniors

Start an exercise schedule each morning before you get ready for work. Just have a ten-minute session in the evening, and encourage the older person to exercise during the morning on his or her own, with suitable uplifting music to get that zest for life again. If movement is restricted, even exercising in a chair would bring great stimulation and satisfaction to how one feels. Exercise and music can play a big part in an older person life, in fact for any age, so getting the family involved would be a great idea. This would create a feeling of togetherness and belonging, a bonding of the different generations, with possibly a few giggles in between.

3. Treat depression at the right time

Depression is not noticed mostly in senior people. Depression is not a part of aging as many people view it. Many seniors get depressed because of losing family members, jobs and cant socializing as they used to do. Few seniors end up getting the relevant help when affected by depression. Depression may emerge as a result of a specific medical problem. Before concluding on the case of a senior being depressed, make sure you have a medical exam to rule out any medical issues. Depression can be treated. Treatment may include counseling, psychotherapy, antidepressants and electroconvulsive, which should be the last option. A proper diet full of vegetables and regular exercise can help.

4. Enroll them in yoga

Through these different styles offered, senior citizens can reap the benefits of yoga that so many other people have witnessed over years of use. The social atmosphere of a yoga class can also be beneficial to seniors. Finding a group of similarly aged people with similar goals and interests can help foster new friendships and improve the overall quality of life. The interaction with a new group of people keeps the brain active at a time when most people's activity levels are slowing down. Considering the incredible health benefits and the social aspect of the classes, seniors can benefit from improving their minds and bodies.

5. The right technology has the power to improve the lives of seniors

Technology is a better way to help seniors remain in their homes by monitoring their medical details, improving safety, improving social contact and enhancing communication. Homebound seniors can use internet controlled programs to reduce isolation. This, in return, enables them to fight depression. Seniors who use walkers with the availability of technology have no reason to worry. Walkers that use remote control can help them to minimize falls as they try to reach them. With the right technology, doctors can be able to use some devices to monitor the seniors remotely.

6. Having a better home security

Unfortunately, as people age, they often become much more forgetful about nearly everything. Because of that, senior citizens often create serious home security risks for themselves by forgetting to do simple things that help prevent thieves from targeting them. Additionally, though, thieves are much more likely to want to try to steal from older people because they appear to be physically weaker than younger people. Thieves to steal from people without much struggle, so they are happy to target people who may not be able to fight back. In either case, older people face a great risk that they will be targets a crime. The best way to keep your parents safe from thieves is to install a high-tech home security system that will monitor their home.

7. Provide them with the right diet

As people grow older, their diet becomes more and more important, and healthy eating for senior citizens can improve their quality of life considerably. You should give senior citizens a well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh foods. Do not let them eat too much protein and try and reduce red meat in their diet. Calcium is great for the strengthening of bones but does consider the fact that this is protein. Healthy eating for senior citizens is by far the best way to ensure they keep their energy levels high. This way, they will be able to enjoy their leisure time and fight infections and ill health. Ask them what they want to eat. Don't serve them whatever you feel like feeding them. If capable, let them give you a grocery list so you can buy the food they want, or create a menu of sorts for you to use as a guide.

Being a caretaker for someone or caring for an elderly parent can feel unnatural as you could easily fall into the trap of treating them like a child or even a regular capable adult. The important thing is always to be sensitive and intuitive about their needs. Also, never forget to treat them with dignity and respect, despite their seniority.

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