The 7 Habits That Positively Changed My Life for the Better!

The 7 Habits That Positively Changed My Life for the Better!

Ever since I became an organizer for The Wellness Fair, I’ve learned more than I can implement to heal my whole self.

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in May 2014, I fell down a rabbit hole of research as to how to successfully live with one of the most debilitating neurological disorders out there.

I thought I learned a lot about natural wellness, but it wasn’t until I started being very active with accredited wellness professionals was when I learned I know nothing about everything.

For years, I have been interviewing vendors to see if they’re qualified to be in The Wellness Fair, learning from our speakers at The Speakers Jam and Wellness Mixers, interviewing professionals for The Podcast, editing articles submitted for our Quarterly Magazine, reading all the posts on The Blog, and interviewing our vendors on our Facebook page. What I thought I knew is nothing compared to what I’ve learned!

It’s one thing to be able to regurgitate a ton of information as we do in school, it’s a whole nother ball of wax to apply those learnings in the real world to produce profound results.

For three months after my diagnosis, I was the poster child of perfect health. As a certified master NLP practitioner, I did many techniques on myself during those three days in the hospital room. The reason why I believe I digressed back into my old habits was that I changed everything all at once, rather than doing one habit at a time.

Learn from my mistakes and experiences, only tackle 1-2 habits at a time so they become sustainable and long-lasting. Over the last few years, I have successfully changed numerous habits and replaced them with healthy rituals that are now a part of my lifestyle.

Prove me wrong! If you implement these habits below, your whole life will change for the better!


Reading is brain food, it exercises the mind in a way that an audiobook never could. But it wasn’t just about the reading that worked for me, it was what I read. I stopped reading and consuming the news. It’s all lies to begin with, so why even allow it in your life? I read a minimum of 30 minutes a day. I don’t read fictional books anymore, I read books that will make a positive impact on my psyche and my business. I now strictly read only non-fiction books from people who have produced unimaginable results in their life.


Every morning, the first thing I do is drink a glass of room temperature water with a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil. I use to actually have lemon wedges but I grew to be too lazy for that. It’s so much easier to roll out of bed and grab my cup of water that I placed there the night before, put a couple of drops in it, and slam it within seconds. That’s just me though, always trying to be more efficient at what I do.


I use to eat a frozen pizza for lunch every day. If I needed more vegetables, I ate a supreme pizza. If I needed fruit, I ate a Hawaiian pizza. I can’t honestly tell you the last time I had a pizza, frozen or not. What I do most of the time is make smoothies. I know I can get more creative with them but right now I’m simply thrilled that I’m making them. All I put in them is spinach, kale, a banana, massive scoop of peanut butter, honey, and water. From the time I start making it to the time my cup goes in the dishwasher, it’s not even 5 minutes. I feel so much better just because of this shift.


After downing my lemon water, I list ten things I’m grateful for. Then, the most important part, I think about them until I experience a full emotion of gratitude towards it. Most things I’m grateful for are the results I have yet to produce. For instance, I am grateful for being my perfect body weight even though at this exact moment I’m 30lbs. underweight.


Who bothers you? Every morning I think of the three people who are bothering me the most and I send loving energy towards them. Sometimes it’s difficult to do, so what I do is think of my little cousins because it’s easy for me to be filled with love. Then once I have that emotion, I then take all that loving energy and project it to those who are bothering me. This isn’t for them, it’s for me since my anger towards someone only effects me, not them. What a transformation this was!


People always say prepare for the next day the night before. Allow me to create a paradigm shift within you on this. Instead, the night before simply preparing for the things that are already scheduled and that’s it. In the morning, sit in silence for 5-minutes and ask “spirit” for guidance… then wait. We all receive messages, we just receive them in a different way. I personally get them as a sense of knowing. Once I receive what I need to do for that day, I do it! This is incredible as to what you can accomplish all in just one day.


Being blessed with multiple sclerosis, I get the gift of insomnia every now and then. It makes me laugh when people complain about working more than 50-hours in a week. When I get insomnia, I can put in a 48-hour shift in just two days. When I’m awake for this long, or even longer, I can testify to what lack of sleep does to the mind in just the short-term. As long as my body allows me, I shoot for ten hours of sleep or more each night. It feels amazing waking up fully refreshed and is even better with clear thinking, plus the impact it has on productivity. “They” also say our body heals itself while we sleep!

To this day I am still working on replacing my bad habits with more empowering ones. My goal is to impress myself as I did during those three months after my diagnosis. The habits I’m working on now is doing planks and wall squats right after writing my gratitude list. After that, it’ll be to recap the day every evening to celebrate the small victories I had througout the day.

What habits are you proud of? What habits do you want in your life?

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