Win Your Fitness Game with An Everyday Dose of Jogging

Win Your Fitness Game with An Everyday Dose of Jogging

Win Your Fitness Game with An Everyday Dose of Jogging

We’re all compelled to follow a rushed routine in the morning. We have to make it to work on time, reach school before the bell rings, and a lot more awaiting our presence for the day.

It would be wise to make some time in this rushed routine for an exercise. This doesn’t need to be some hard-core exercise such as strength-training, weightlifting, etc. It could be as simple as jogging.

Jogging, as simple as it looks, has a profound impact on our well-being and is practiced by most athletes and sportsmen.

No matter what their fitness regimen involves in the latter half of the day, they always begin their day with jogging which acts as their warmup. The best part about jogging is that it isn’t limited to age, people from young to old can perform this simple yet effective exercise to stay fit and active throughout the day.

Here are some benefits of jogging that you could make the most of:

1) Increased Body Stamina

Jogging activates the body for a heavier exercise regimen in the latter part of the day. It builds the stamina required to perform heavier-duty tasks. This is one of the best health benefits that jogging has to offer. No wonder athletes and sports persons bank on jogging to pull them through the rest of their day.

2) Promotes Weight Loss & Bruns Fat

Most of us look up to exercise for dealing with the unwanted weight we put on. Why not try jogging then? The ugly truth about putting on weight is that most of the unwanted fat gets stored in our stomachs. Well, jogging is reputed for being one of the most effective stomach fat burning exercises. Not just stomach fat but jogging is a three-in-one solution to stomach fat, fat in our waists and thighs.

3) Improved Heart Health

One of the biggest benefits that jogging can offer is heart health. Going by the main function of the heart, it pumps blood for the other organs to function. Jogging assists the heart in this function by strengthening the heart to pump blood efficiently. Jugging prompts the body to draw in additional oxygen through the lungs thus equally distributing nutrients equally across the body. More benefits? It prevents heart attacks and strokes. If you thought that was all, there are more benefits of jogging to consider:

• Muscle Building
• Maintaining Mental Health
• Stress Reduction
• Bone Strengthening
• Increasing Respiratory Capabilities
• Slow Ageing
• Immune System Building

If you need more motivation to jog, then take the help of a good fitness tracking application that will keep track of your progress.

The Jogger’s Tips for Beginners:

• It is advisable to get up early in the morning and jog for at least 30 minutes to achieve all the above benefits
• Wear comfortable jogging clothes and shoes
• If jogging isn’t a viable in the option, you can also perform this exercise in the evening

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