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What is your definition of Wellness?


Definition of Wellness

Wellness: Self-directed effortless system of achieving full potential resulting in good physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s an encompassing lifestyle to one’s overall well-being and prolong life. Wellness is becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s an all natural and organic unification of the mind, body, and spirit.


Why a Membership Website?

Membership Website

We created a membership website for many reasons:

  • Create a business directory for people to find reputable businesses
  • Allow vendors the ability to not fill out an application in order to save time
  • Have hidden pages with access only to those who earned that right
  • Increase your google rankings because we’re ranked in the top 1/4% of 1% of all websites in the world
  • Create an online community unlike any others out there
  • Wisdom share information with ease

Attending All Events


How to Attend Each Event

NOTE: We do create a Facebook Event for all public events for everyone to join.

Monthly Wellness Mixers: RSVP for Mixer Invitation

Speakers Jam: RSVP to Attend Speakers Jam

Vendor Dinner: Vendors RSVP Here (Must be a vendor and logged in to your business account)

The Wellness Fair: RSVP on our Facebook Page

Community Dinner: RSVP to Annual Community Dinner

Author Dinner: Co-Authors RSVP Here (Must be a co-author and logged in to your business account)

FREE Author Weekend Training: Co-Authors RSVP Here (Must have created an Authorpreneur Academy profile account and in one of their books)

Event Pricing


Attendee Prices per Event

Monthly Wellness Mixer:
Donations for Melody of Life Foundation accepted

Speakers Jam:
VIP Reserved Seating: $50
Guaranteed a Seat: $25
General Admission: Pay What You Want

The Wellness Fair:
General Admission: PayWhat You Want

The Wellness Fair Classes/Workshops:
General Admission: Pay What You Want

Community Dinners:
Approximately $20-30



Published Book

Our book does many things for various groups of people.

For the reader, learn from twenty or more different experts about a variety of topics. With many different contributors, it’s guaranteed you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

We bring in different States and Countries into the book to grow our community, expand the reach of our contributors, increase collaboration, and allow many more people to teach our community awesome wellness practices.

At each Fall Wellness Fair, the book will be $20 and you’ll be able to get the participating co-authors to sign their chapters for you at no additional charge. The cost for the book on amazon will be much greater.

Each co-author contributes their own chapter which is 1,250 words or less. Each chapter will be no longer than six pages making it for a quick read.

Each year we make over twenty business owners Authorpreneurs. Learn about Authropreneur FAQ’s by being logged in to your business account.





We have our own language and definitions. To learn and understand everything you’re reading, please access our Glossary of terms by being logged in to your Wellness Enthusiast account.


Profile Accounts


Wellness Enthusiasts & Wellness Business Profiles

We have two separate profiles; Wellness Enthusiasts and Wellness Business.

Wellness Enthusiast

  • Everyone is able to easily create one
  • Have very limited access to majority of pages
  • Have your own resource page to utilize

Wellness Business

  • Be found in our business directory by everyone in the world
  • Increased google rankings (Our website is ranked in the top 1/4% of 1% of all 20+ million websites in the world)
  • Have your own resource page to utilize
  • Able to apply for sponsorships
  • Able to register to be a vendor in a couple clicks
  • Able to host a Monthly Wellness Mixer event

Learn how to create, update, and use your member profile to make the most out of your experience with our community. To begin, check out our Profile FAQ’s after being logged in to any type of an account.



Profile Badge Icons


Profile Badge Icons

When you are viewing the Member Profiles, you’ll see numerous icons. Some profiles have a lot, others will only have one or two. The more active someone is in our community, the more badges they’ll receive.

What’s cool about these icons, they are active links so you can view everyone in the community who has that icon on their profile. To learn about each badge icon and access the links to see who has them on their profile, the best place to start is the Badge Icon FAQ’s page by being logged in to any type of an account.




(Speakers Jam & Fair Presenters)

We have two different speaking events. There is the Speakers Jam and The Wellness Fair Presentations.

These FAQ’s here are not to learn about those events, it’s for those who want to be speakers or are currently signed up to be a speaker with us.

Before emailing asking us how you can be a speaker, please note, the only people who are allowed to apply to speak are the vendors in the upcoming fair.

We do not charge any fees and will give you 100% rights to the pictures and videos we take at the events.

Learn more about this incredible opportunity by visiting the Speaker FAQ’s page by being logged in to your Business Account and being a vendor at the upcoming fair.


Speakers Jam

Speakers Jam

The Speakers Jam will be held about one month before each Wellness Fair. During this event, twenty or so of our vendors will have 3-minutes to educate the audience on their specific expertise. With our Panel of Super Fans, they will elect the Top 5 Speakers and will award them with 45-minutes at the next Wellness Fair.

Learn more about the Speakers Jam by being logged in to your Business Account and being a vendor at the upcoming fair.





Our vendors are qualified through numerous steps before their Wellness Business Profile has been created. To become a vendor, you must prove your certifications/credentials, pass a phone interview, and sign up on time in order to be in the next event.

Unlike other fairs, our vendors get an incredible amount of value every time they participate in a fair. Learn more by going to our Vendor FAQ’s page and being logged in to your Business Account.


Wellness Fair Details


The Wellness Fair

If you would like to learn more about our vendor fair, this is the link you want to access. We have two Wellness Fair’s each year, Spring and Fall. In the Southeast Wisconsin area, we host our events in Waukesha. Soon enough, we will be expanding to the entire state of Wisconsin, Midwest, and beyond. Learn more on our Wellness Fair FAQ’s page.


All Other FAQ’s


Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Programs

Are you someone who has been referring businesses to be a part of our community?

We have numerous programs for you to utilize! Begin making money by talking about our community. Learn more here: Affiliate FAQ’s by being logged in to any type of an account.


Become Active


Get Active and Engage in our Community

Love our community so much you want more of it? Be logged in to your account to access the Community Engagement FAQ’s


Guest Blog

The Wellness Blog

Our blog is mainly posts by our vendors, sponsors, authors, and volunteers. When you guest post on other websites, you can leverage them to get on more blogs – even the bigger ones where they will pay you.

For those who have been a vendor at least once, make sure you’re logged in to your account to access the Guest Blog FAQ’s




Communicating with The Wellness Fair

We do all communications via email! Find our Communication FAQ’s here if you weren’t looking for our Contact Page. Make sure you’re logged in to your Business Account.




Dinners for Enthusiasts & Vendors

With four community dinners each year, this is your chance to build deeper relationships with like-minded people.

Two dinners are exclusive to Vendors & Sponsors only. One is exclusive to Co-Authors & Book Sponsors. The big community dinner where everyone is invited is held once a year in the Fall.

Learn more by going to our Dinner FAQ’s page and being logged in to your account.




Digital & Print Magazine

We have a Digital Magazine which gets published quarterly (February, May, August, November).

The most engaged articles in throughout the year will be printed in the Fall Print Magazine which will also act as the Program Booklet for the Wellness Fair.

Those who are able to contribute to the magazine are current and past vendors only. Once you’re a vendor, you’ll have lifetime access to contribute to our publications.

There is a lot of information about the magazine which you can access by going to our Magazine FAQ’s page after being logged in to your business account and being a vendor in the past.


Facebook Live


Facebook Live Interviews

Our Facebook Live interviews are streamed on our Facebook Page at random times. They will be unannounced.

We do these to introduce our vendors to the community so you get to know them and their business a little bit more.

If you’re a vendor about to have a Facebook Live and want to learn more, make sure you’re logged in before going to our Facebook Live FAQ’s




Our Website Membership Groups

We have numerous different groups on our website for you to find and connect with the appropriate people with ease. If you want more information, log in to your account to access the – Membership Group FAQ’s


Benefitting Nonprofits

Every event we benefit 1-3 local nonprofits. It’s different every time and will be displayed on the event page with a link to their website.

If you’re a nonprofit, log in to your business account and then check these out – Nonprofit FAQ’s


iTunes Podcast

Our podcast has 15-minute episodes.

With each episode, we will have a screen record on YouTube, put the audio file on Soundcloud and iTunes, transcribe the episode into an ebook, and write a blog post about it with all these links in it.

If you’re going to be interviewed on a podcast, log in to your account because these are your Podcast FAQ’s


Social Media


Social Media

We are so active online we created this page not only for you, but for us to keep track of them all. View our Social Media FAQ’s page to get access to all of our accounts online. No need to be logged in to access.



Our sponsors make the event happen!

If you’re logged in to your business account, you’ll have access to the Sponsor FAQ’s