Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

Attend Presentations During the Fair

Classes, workshops, presentations, and speeches starts not long after The Wellness Fair begins.

Just like our entrance fee to attend The Wellness Fair, there is an entrance fee to attend each presentation. The minimum fee is “Pay What You Want” to attend each class. 

Classes & WorkshopsMany people will want to attend but there is only room for the first 30 paying audience members.

Every presenter brings their own specialty and expertise. 

Attend round circle discussions, group mediations, lectures, slide shows, group coaching, workshops, mini-seminars, demonstrations, and more.

NOTE: These presentations may be recorded for promotional material. By attending each presentation, you are giving the presenter and The Wellness Fair full consent to appear in any videos, audios, and/or images taken during the fair and presentations.

Those who will be presenting at The Wellness Fair are practitioners who earned the right to be in this intimate environment by being elected during The Speakers Jam.