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The What & Why of Epsom Salt

If you suffer from fatigue, muscle cramps, weakness, abnormal heart rhythms, eye twitches, muscle strains, sprains, or general aches and pains; there is a remedy which may help – Epsom Salt. Epsom salt is considered one of those old remedies we hear about from our elders, but rarely give it much credit. This remedy, however, […]

5 Reasons to use Cow Fat on Your Skin

When a cow is processed for its beef, the nutrient-dense cow fat surrounding the animal’s organs, called “suet”, is removed, simmered and filtered to produce a clean oil. This purified oil is then referred to as “tallow”. Tallow is shelf-stable for up to a year, is one of the best oils to use for cooking […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Start Floating

Heard about floating and wonder how it can benefit you? When you step into a float room, you’re immersing your body in skin temperature Epsom salt saturated water while being suspended in a zero gravity like state. You let go of your body and your mind calms down, allowing you to unwind and completely relax, […]

The Chiropractic Carpenter vs. The Firefighter

Your house is on fire! Who do you call? A firefighter!!! A firefighter comes into your house.  They use their axes and they use their hoses.  They use their axe to break into your house.  They use their hoses and spray water all over your walls, your family pictures, and your dresser drawers. Was that water […]

At Brookfield Chiropractic What You See Is What You Get

At Brookfield Chiropractic What You See Is What You Get What you see is what you get from our professional, caring staff and doctors. It is our goal to tailor the care to fit the patient, rather than expecting the patient having to fit our style. We will discuss any Finances with you before any […]

Microcirculation? “oh My”

I never really understood how important the circulatory system – and microcirculation – is to the body. The circulatory system is the transport system for oxygen and nutrients for every inch of your body. It also for removes carbon dioxide and toxins. If our circulatory system is not functioning properly by supplying our bodies with […]