You Don’t Have to be a Writer
to Easily Become an Author!

Authorpreneur AcademyWe understand this may be a huge undertaking. Co-Authors receive consultations, access to an online course, and a global community from our Premiere Sponsor, Authorpreneur Academy.

Many people live their lives thinking about writing a book, and never do. A good amount of people still self-publish, but the book never takes them anywhere except for getting their family and friends to buy it.

Authorpreneur Academy has time-tested tools to write your chapter and build your business. This is why we require all of our authors to work directly with Authorpreneur Academy.

From writing it, to positioning yourself effectively, they have exactly what you need.

Your lifelong success, is our success! We provide the support majority of authors would drink a case of Diet Coke for!

Why become a Published Author?

There’s nothing like a book!


The Wellness Fair Co-Author

• Branding.
Increased visibility.
Instant credibility.
Authority figure.
Expert status.
Interviews with local/national media.
Book speaking engagements.
Attract new leads.
Secure consulting contracts.
Charge higher fees.
Great when networking.
Differentiate from competition.
Open doors to new opportunity.
Gain instant trust.
Catapult your business.

Research shows authors are perceived as the most trusted and credible source of information. Upgrade your perception to build an entire career as a co-author in the next book.

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