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You Don’t Have to be a Writer to Easily Become an Author!

We understand this may be a huge undertaking, that’s why we’ll do most of the work for you!

Co-Authors receive consultations, access to an online course, and a global community from our Premiere Sponsor, Authorpreneur Academy.

Many people live their lives thinking about writing a book, and never do. A good amount of people still self-publish, but the book never takes them anywhere except for getting their family, friends, and clients to buy it.

Authorpreneur Academy has time-tested tools to write your chapter and build your business. This is why we require all of our authors to work directly with Authorpreneur Academy.

You’ll learn how to write your chapter so that’ll become your best Educational Marketing Asset (EMA). You’ll also learn how to leverage your author status from before you even start writing to well beyond the book launch date!

From writing to positioning yourself effectively, they have exactly what you need.

Your lifelong success is our success!

Why become a Published Author?

What are the first six letters in the word authority? Authors are instant author-ity figures.

Even more so, USA Today states that 84% of people in the world either have thought about writing a book or want too but far less than 1% of people actually do what it takes to publish their book. As a published author, you instant separate yourself from everyone else!

More research shows authors are perceived as the most trusted and credible source of information (which is why politicians publish a book every election cycle).

Upgrade your perception to build an entire career as a co-author in the next book.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
You’ll Become an Amazon Bestseller

Publishing isn’t Cheap!

  • Content Editing – ($650)
  • Line Editing – ($850)
  • Copy Editing – ($650)
  • Book Cover – ($900)
  • Marketing Images – ($100+/each)
  • ISBN, LCCN, and CIP registration numbers– ($225)
  • Book Formatting – ($350)
  • Press Releases – ($300)
  • Endorsements – ($300+)
  • Reviews – time, knowledgeable, and persistence
  • Book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books – ($350)
  • .mobi, .epub, and .pdf – ($150+)
  • Publicist – ($1,000 minimum retainer)
  • Conversion funnels – ($1,300+ each)
  • Marketing – ($1,000+)
  • Book Launch – Combination of Everything ($2,500+)
  • Book Signing – (1,000 books at $5+/each + everything else)
  • Physical Copies of Books for You to Keep in Stock – ($8+/each)

What You’ll Receive

  • Online Course from Authorpreneur Academy
  • Invitations to Exclusive LIVE! Trainings
  • Invitation to exclusive author dinner
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Digital marketing training
  • Files of the ebook to sell or give away
  • Collaborative Amazon Bestseller Campaign
  • Right to purchase books at cost
  • Book launch & signing
  • Links in ebooks and Kindle
  • Save Time, Money, Energy, and Angst
  • Member of TWO exclusive communities
  • Passionate Sales Force
  • Author page includes:
    • Professional headshot
    • 100-word bio
    • 75-character Call-to-Action (CTA)
    • One website url
    • Social media


  • One Chapter = 800-1,200 words
  • Submit as Proofed, Edited, and Ready for Publication
  • No images within your chapter
  • No sales, promoting, or marketing
  • Only Educational Value to the Reader
  • Follow the instructions from the Authorpreneur Academy online course
  • Submit before August 1st at Noon (CST) – late submissions will not be included nor refunded

What to Expect

  1. Apply first by clicking the blue button below (opens in a new window)
  2. Conduct interview (have credit card readily available on call)
  3. Enroll in Authorpreneur Academy
  4. Go through the online course and attend group calls
  5. Submit chapter through Authorpreneur Academy
  6. Secure endorsements and reviews
  7. Attend the LIVE! Training event
  8. Attend the exclusive author dinner
  9. Be active in the Amazon Bestseller campaign
  10. Leverage the book and your chapter for the rest of your career

Submit Chapter BEFORE August 1st