The Book | Natural & Organic Healing

The Book

Natural & Organic Healing:
Your Ultimate Guide to Health & Wellness

: $10/book

NEW BOOKS: Releases November 1st Every Year

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The Book | The Wellness Fair

With 10-20 contributors in each book,
you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for!

The Book: Natural & Organic Healing

The Book: Natural & Organic HealingOur health & wellness book series is to educate and inform people on how they can begin improving their health and life.

Most of the co-authors are NOT local Wisconsin practitioners because we bring in experts from around the world to add greater value to the reader and our growing community.

Not only will the Fall event be our traditional Wellness Fair, but it will also act as our book launch and signing. During The Wellness Fair in October, attendees will have the option to buy the book at a discounted price and locate the local co-authors for their autograph with a personalized message.

For the entire month of November, you’re able to purchase all our books on Amazon at an extremely discounted price. Since we only have a limited amount of books at The Wellness Fair, whether you weren’t able to purchase a copy that day or couldn’t make it for various reasons, the month of November is the ideal time to get your hands on our latest publication!

The Book | The Wellness Fair

Natural & Organic Healing:
Your Ultimate Guide to Health & Wellness

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