Control Your Thoughts, Choices, and Actions

Control Your Thoughts, Choices, and Actions Stop crying, whining, blaming other people, making excuses, and giving terrible reasons for the circumstances and events in your life. Your thoughts, choices, and actions are what creates your entire reality, start taking responsibility for them! I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my […]

Activate Your Crown Chakra

In Intuitive Counseling, clients learn to work with the Chakra System. We go through a variety of exercises that clear the system; allowing for good health, happiness, and life balance. Each chakra has correspondences to parts of the body, emotions, disorders and more. For a full picture of the chakra system click here. The seventh […]

Top 5 Health Problems Caused by Spinal Misalignment

    If you haven’t visited a Chiropractor before, you are most likely missing out on the benefits of Chiropractic Care. Did you know that your health problems could be directly related to your spinal alignment and nervous system? You have nerves that run through your spine that send messages to every part of your […]

The Power and Grace of Self-Compassion

Why is it easy to be compassionate to others, yet so hard to be kind to our self?  Old programming really.  Our cultural training, our Judeo-Christian tradition, teaches us that it is good to think of others and selfish to think of ourselves.  We believe that self-compassion is weak, that it is self-indulgence, or self-pity. […]

10 Reasons Why You Need To Try Floating

Heard about floating but wondering how it can benefit you? Here are 10 reasons why floatation therapy can improve your life: When you step into a float room, you’re immersing your body in skin temperature Epsom salt saturated water while being suspended in a zero gravity like state. You let go of your body and […]