Is Self-Compassion a Dirty Word??

I love self-compassion so much! It has helped me have a more gentle and understanding relationship with myself.  It has given me powerful tools to help my clients develop a more positive relationship with themselves. When I offer these skills to my clients in the context of healing and self-empowerment, they are usually very receptive to […]

The Health Wellness Fair News & Updates – March 6, 2017

  Health Wellness Fair Community News & Updates Every Monday we will always be releasing what’s new at The Health & Wellness Fair! We are a community which is dedicated to your continuous improvement of health & wellness on a daily basis. Learn from our community and thrive! If you’re interested in our community, whether […]

New Vendors for Spring 2017 Wellness Fair

Spring 2017 Wellness Fair Vendors It’s always exciting to highlight local businesses who are in to health & wellness. We’re proud to announce the Spring 2017 Wellness Fair Vendors for the April 2nd Wellness Fair. Numerous individuals participating in our Wellness Fair are also speaking at the March 16th Speakers Jam. You’re curious about this aren’t you? Check […]

floating picture

Top 10 Reasons to Start Floating

Heard about floating and wonder how it can benefit you? When you step into a float room, you’re immersing your body in skin temperature Epsom salt saturated water while being suspended in a zero gravity like state. You let go of your body and your mind calms down, allowing you to unwind and completely relax, […]