The 3 Things About The Mind You’re Already Doing

The 3 Things About The Mind You’re Already Doing The mind is the most powerful force in all of creation! Throughout time there have been thousands of people who have written about the miraculous powers we all have … but are you using it with intention? Whether you know it or not, whether you like […]

April 2019 TED Video of the Month | Kerri Kelly

April 2019 TED Video of the Month Kerri Kelly | TEDxBend The Privilege of Well-Being From yoga mats to meditation cushions and beyond, there is a powerful culture of well-being growing around the country. Yet if well-being remains a privilege for those who have resources, our potential for collective transformation is limited. Kerri Kelly, founder […]

The #1 Secret of All Goal Achievers Which You Don’t Know

Goal Achievers We all know people who are “lucky.” But what if I told you luck has nothing to do with anything? First, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We are all presented with countless opportunities every day. We’re usually not prepared to take advantage of them, let alone become aware of their presence. Goal […]

1 Week of Plant Based Meals for Under $20

1 Week of Meals for Under $20 and Less Than 1 Hour of Prep Time There’s a common misconception that adopting a plant-based diet has to be both expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, it’s quite the opposite! Below is a grocery list, meal plan, and recipes for a week’s worth of vegan meals. Grocery List Total […]

October 2018 Wellness Mixer Event – Mary Beth Rezek – Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Yoga

The Monthly Wellness Mixer Event Everyone is Welcome to Attend! The Wellness Mixer Event are fun monthly gatherings to form deeper relationships in a relaxed community-building environment.  With two speakers sharing essential knowledge and time to socialize, you’ll walk away with new friends and actionable tips to grow each month you attend. Our Wellness Mixers are the […]