The Authorpreneur Workshop Series

The Authorpreneur Workshop Series | SPONSORED EVENT for The Wellness Fair

The Authorpreneur Workshop Series

Write, publish, and leverage a book to increase your revenue, visibility, and credibility!

: $27/person
AT DOOR COST: $50/person

DAYS: 1st Friday Every Month
TIMES: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

VENUE: Zoom Conference/ Webinar

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Publish your story to inspire others, leave a legacy, and/or catapult any business! Everyone has a story to share, Authorpreneur Academy is here to help you make that happen sooner than you can imagine!

Definition of Authorpreneur

Authorpreneur Workshop Series

No matter where you’re at in your publishing journey, Authorpreneur Academy has exactly what you need to publish and leverage your book to catapult your entire lifestyle.

Why The Author Workshops?

Been dreaming about becoming a published author?

According to a survey done by USA Today, over 84% of people in the world want to become a published author but the reality is that far less than 1% of people will actually commit to doing what it takes to become published. This will help you be in the top 0.02% of people!

What To Expect

Different Topic Each Month
Individual Exercises
Group Exercises
Worksheets & Templates
Secret Expert Hacks
Receive Everything Needed
Learn To Do Everything
Instantly Leverage Your Book
Create a Professional Product


January: Preparation
February: Planning & Strategizing
March: Leveraging
April: Opening Doors
May: Validating & Outlining
June: Writing & Editing
July: Digital Presence
August: Digital Presence (Part 2)
September: Cover & Layout
October: Online Perception Setup
November: Bestselling Launch Campaign
December: Physical Hustle

Receive Instant Authority

Think of the first six letters in the word, “Authority.” That’s not a coincidence!

The second you publish your book, you instantly receive this global perception:

– Instant Authority Figure
– Instant Expert Status
– Instant Increased Credibility
– Instant Trust Factor

Know that a book will improve every facet of business and life. It’s the world’s greatest business card and marketing asset!

Attend an Authorpreneur Workshop

You’re more than welcome to show up to their events without registering but they may not have room and it’ll cost you a lot more money!

Plan ahead by registering on their Eventbrite Page and use the Discount Code:WellnessAuthor