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Is Self-Compassion a Dirty Word??

I love self-compassion so much! It has helped me have a more gentle and understanding relationship with myself.  It has given me powerful tools to help my clients develop a more positive relationship with themselves. When I offer these skills to my clients in the context of healing and self-empowerment, they are usually very receptive to […]

Self-Actualization Is A Contact Sport

For the past year, I have been delightfully engaged in a Self-Actualization course (Claire Zammit, Feminine Power). I serendipitously came across the course at a time I was feeling burnout from all the  work of opening my new clinic.  I was looking for something to feed me, feed my soul.  I found this series of […]

The Power and Grace of Self-Compassion

Why is it easy to be compassionate to others, yet so hard to be kind to our self?  Old programming really.  Our cultural training, our Judeo-Christian tradition, teaches us that it is good to think of others and selfish to think of ourselves.  We believe that self-compassion is weak, that it is self-indulgence, or self-pity. […]