Wellness Tip of the Month | The Wellness Fair

August 2019 Wellness Tip of the Month | Misa Tsuyoshi

Wellness Tip of the Month | The Wellness Fair

July 2019 Wellness Tip of the Month

SMILE-stands for Start My Internal Love Engine, as my Maste Chyni Lin, the founde of Spring Forest Qigong mentions.

As you smile, the energy points in your lips will be stimulated and it will facilitate your brain producing endorphin, which is a healing substance. Then RELAX and DROP your shoulders and start bouncing.

If your physical condition does not allow you to bounce, just stand with your knees slightly flexed. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and feel the universal energy flowing into your body, then as you exhale visualize the energy/things you no longer need are flowing out of your body.

Just by doing the above, you can initiate your own healing and detox your body, mind and spirit. AND, DO GOOD DEEDS TO OTHERS.

Wellness Tip Provided by:
Misa Tsuyoshi
Certified Spring Forest Qigong Trainer/Healer/Practice Group Leader, Certified Tai Chi Fundamentals Level3 Instructor
Simple Wellness Facilitator


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“Wellness Tip of the Month”

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