Purpose, Vision & Values

Purpose, Vision, and Values of The Wellness Fair


We connect accredited wellness professionals to those seeking a natural and healthy lifestyle in a year-round community. Promoting the healing of our whole mind, body, the spirit is how we were meant to thrive, rather than treating just the symptoms which haven’t worked for centuries compared to Eastern/Natural practices.


We’re an international organization with numerous chapters in every state and over 100 countries, positively impacting and healing millions of lives each year. Experiential transformation consistently happens because of the connections and learnings made at all our events and through our wisdom sharing materials.


1. Safety: Health is not something to play with, do what YOU know is best.
2. Transformation: As the most powerful creatures on Earth, we have the ability to continuously grow and develop.
3. Healing: Our bodies naturally heal themselves and that’s exactly what you can expect from our wellness professionals.
4. Community: We can’t do everything on our own, especially healing our Whole life.
5. Fun: We all have fun together while learning, connecting, and growing.