Benefiting Non-Profit

The Wellness Fair's Benefiting Non-Profit

2019 Non-Profit: Hope Instilled

 Hope Instilled helps people with pain take an active role in their recovery process to improve the quality of their life by reducing their sense of suffering. Hope Instilled accomplishes this by being a resource for information on positive lifestyle changes, medication, alternative treatments, nutrition, exercise, and peer-to-peer support.

If you, or a loved one, suffer from ongoing pain, Hope Instilled is for you.

Hope Instilled Non-Profit

Hope Instilled is your oasis for:

• Learning how to better live with your pain and possibly reduce it.
• Learning how foods, diet, and lifestyle affect your pain and inflammation.
• Learning about alternative treatment options to reduce and possibly eliminate pain.
• Talking with others who live with chronic pain in a non-judgmental setting to vent, ask questions, and give support to others.

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