About The Wellness Fair

About The Wellness Fair

About The Wellness Fair

Welcome to our professional community of health & wellness!

We first started out as just a trade fair and quickly realized people want to be a part of a community. Now, our annual trade fair is just another excuse to get together.

We’re certain that you’ll find an event you want to attend along with days and times that work for you.

Please don’t compare us to any other trade fair, health expo, networking group, or community!


We promote accredited wellness professionals in their specific specialty by focusing on wisdom-sharing rather than pitbull selling! Our intention of having only qualified, certified, and accredited professionals is that you’ll have an educated support system rather than a salesperson who isn’t qualified to legally answer your health questions (even if they might know the answer).

Each year our standards for business owners increase and the barriers to entry to become a part of the community get tougher. We don’t want anyone with a checkbook thinking we’ll put them in front of people who are trying to improve their well-being.

To become a vendor or speaker to help you heal, one must complete a quiz, fill out an application, and show up to an interview. We make sure that those you meet are accredited/certified, know what they’re talking about, and have results to back it up.

We are constantly improving, have big plans for the coming years, and are always open to your ideas and suggestions.

There are so many ways you can be active in our community and no matter what you choose, it’s perfect. Everyone’s forward progress is different. Remember, that we have a growing community, both locally and online, that’s here to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals.