The 2019 Speakers Jam

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Dr. Jereme Trunk

The 2019 Speakers Jam

Determines the Top 5 Speakers for The Wellness Fair

At this wellness-focused speaking competition, you’ll learn how to heal your Whole body naturally.

Learn from top health & wellness professionals, introduce yourself to many natural health practices, and even mingle with other wellness enthusiasts!

You may even find exactly what you need to heal yourself or a loved one!


Here’s what you can expect at this event:

☑  10+ accredited wellness speakers…
☑  Learn to heal your mind, body, and soul…
☑  Increase your energy and productivity…
☑  Meet qualified wellness professionals in an intimate environment…
☑  The Top 5 Speakers are selected from a panel of Super Fans…
☑  Develop new friendships with other wellness enthusiasts…
☑  Everyone is welcome to attend…
… and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this wellness-focused speaking competition where you can learn how to live the life you deserve!

The Speaking Lineup

organized in alphabetical order by first name

Angela Cummings

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Angela Cummings

How to Buy Organic Nontoxic Furniture, Easily

Creating an organic or nontoxic household and tired of hearing what to avoid? Want to save time and get straight to the solution? Get the tips you need to easily choose organic, nontoxic wood furniture for ANY room in your home – even if you’re brand new at it!

Dr. Anna Koeck

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Dr. Anna Koeck

Minimize Eye Strain

There are many ways to minimize eye strain. Ergonomics and eye health are important keys in making sure your eyes stay healthy and happy. I would love to share with everyone what tips they can utilize to be the best version of themselves.

Dr. Anthony Piparo

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Dr. Anthony Piparo

Peak Performance Training for Life

Tony will provide information about what it takes to live the kind of life we desire and deserve and those factors that keep us achieving our goals and dreams.

Dr. Arthur Rapkin

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Dr. Arthur Rapkin

Creating Personal Vitality Through Chinese Herbology

Evaluation and assessment are critical factors in determining which herbs and herbal formulas are appropriate for each individual. Learn the ancient secrets for modern times.

Barb Basaj

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Barb Basaj

Why Your Efforts Fall Short

Your body, mind, and soul are truly integrated, and affect each other profoundly. In our society, we tend to compartmentalize, and so we’ve become dis-integrated. The body can be an entry point into the powers of the mind and soul, both ancient and evolving.

Dave Molenda

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Dave Molenda

Know Thyself With DISC

Get to know yourself! Improve your communication, productivity, teamwork, leadership, and sales. Learn about human behavior in various situations, how you influence others, your preferred pace, and how you respond to rules and procedures.

Diane Garrison, Ph.D.

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Diane Garrison, Ph.D.

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

The true path to greatness lies in developing a loving relationship with yourself. This requires inner work so that you can truly own your worth, release old limiting beliefs, and show up for yourself compassionately in times of challenge.

Erica Gifford Mills

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Erica Gifford Mills

Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome

Juggling everything and expecting to do it perfectly while forcing yourself to remain polished? Superwoman is a fictional superhero; humans have limitations. Accepting this is the first step to overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome while still feeling like Wonder Woman.

Gina LaGalbo

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Gina LaGalbo

Chemicals are Everywhere

I review the areas in our lives where chemicals are including food-skincare-cosmetics and what companies don’t tell you!

Jory Pradjinski

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Jory Pradjinski

Being Completely Unaccepting

Living with chronic pain since 1987 including five back fusions, suicidal ideation and a severe auto accident resulting in more chronic pain and multiple mental health challenges. However, today I am living better than medically explainable. I am here for a reason.

Kelly Kolodzinski

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Kelly Kolodzinski

Inflammation and Breast Health

Kelly Kolodzinski, of Renew Holistic Wellness, will help us understand Inflammation and what it means for Breast Health. You’ll leave with real, actionable ideas to improve your breast health and reduce your risk for breast cancer.

Misa Tsuyoshi

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Misa Tsuyoshi

Simple Qigong Toolbox for Self-Healing

How to make meditation into self-healing tool? How simple hand movements balance energy and calm yourself? Misa will guide through easy Qigong movements, breathing and visualization techniques which will inspire you to be your own healing facilitator.

Nancy Crosby

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Nancy Crosby

Alarming, Critical, and Impacting Us All

Ten years ago, I’d have found the topic of minerals to be a yawn. But after digging in, I find it enlightening & empowering. It has equipped me with practical perspectives to understand one of the key root causes of the state of our country’s health and nutrition.

Lucas J. Robak

The 2019 Speakers Jam | Lucas J. Robak


After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Lucas researched how to successfully live with it and became a leader of a health community growing it into The Wellness Fair. His purpose in life is to help the world become aware of our bodies ability to heal itself.


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